Allied Woodshop provides collective members with bench space and access to a suite of machines and tools geared toward fine furniture making in Downtown Los Angeles. The shop attracts select professional woodworkers who are committed to design and to craft, and we welcome woodworkers at any stage in their career. We emphasize handwork, sensitivity toward material, and attention to detail.

Each maker has dedicated bench space and access to all tools. Large, west facing windows provide abundant natural light throughout the shop and a view of the Downtown Los Angeles skyline. All large tools are vintage cast iron - in excellent condition and well maintained - and all small power tools are Festool.

Our tools include:


Full Time Bench Space - $720/month

  • Dedicated bench space
  • Unlimited hours

Part Time Bench Space - $410/month

  • Shared bench space
  • Shop access before 9am/after 5pm weekdays, unlimited weekends

Benefits of membership at Allied Woodshop include:

  • Dedicated bench space
  • Limited storage for tools, supplies, and project materials
  • Well-tuned machines, maintained by our friendly shop tech
  • Well-equipped collection of Festool tools
  • Most consumables (e.g. sandpaper, rags, glue brushes, dust masks, etc.)
  • Continued learning opportunities with a 25% discount on Allied Woodshop workshops
  • Community of knowledgeable woodworkers
  • Wireless internet

Interested in renting bench space? Please submit an application and we’ll follow up to schedule a shop visit. For more on membership, please see our Woodshop FAQs.