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Eric Clem is a maker of custom bows, arrows, and furniture, focusing on quality materials, simple, organic designs, and a constant drive to challenge himself in each project he undertakes.

Eric learned the basics of woodworking from his father at a very young age and has kept the craft close ever since. Though he worked in construction in Houston and as a carpenter for the Public Theater in NYC for years, it was his love of archery and building bows that began his woodworking career.

Brooklyn Bowyer began on the terrace of Eric's small Brooklyn, NY apartment where he built and sold bows to pay for the habit of making them. After it outgrew the terrace, Brooklyn Bowyer eventually moved to a woodshop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where it expanded to fine furniture making. Eric and his business have since then relocated to Los Angeles, CA. While much may change about the business, it's origin never will, which is why the name Brooklyn Bowyer remains.