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Though artists, engineers, and creative types abound in my family, my passion for woodworking began as an adult. An accidental turn of events led me down this path, beginning with a job in a remote Alaskan village repairing log cabins. I was struck by the beauty of these homes, with their clean lines and perfectly dovetailed log corners. From there, woodworking was on for me. It took me to work on historic church steeples and new timber framed houses in Maine; to finish carpentry in the Northeast; to the corner of a minimally equipped shop where I began my furniture making explorations in earnest; and eventually to North Bennet Street School in Boston, where I further honed my woodworking techniques. Today I strive to create furniture that is both long-lasting and elegant, and reflective of the same principles of craftsmanship, pride, and attention to detail that I discovered in those Alaskan cabins.