Tyler Russell Design


Tyler Russell earned his BFA in Industrial Design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2011 and started Tyler Russell Design studio in 2015. He designs products and furniture.

Since he was young, Tyler has always loved building things. He has always enjoyed creating something functional from raw materials. His passion for furniture design has grown over the years as his knowledge and understanding of the process have improved. Furniture is one of the most interactive and personal objects we use in our daily lives, and the challenge of creating exciting, enjoyable, and functional pieces is the driving force behind his work.

Tyler keeps his designs simple, which produces a clean, relatable aesthetic that allows the user to know exactly how to interact with the piece when they first see it. Products should be intuitive, and the use of them should feel completely natural. He aims to create work that will last a lifetime, work that is of the highest quality craftsmanship and design, and above all else, evokes a true connection with the owner.

Tyler wants to design furniture that people will love.