Allied Woodshop builds community around furniture making by offering bench space, workshops, apprenticeships, and maker talks. We aim to be a resource and physical gathering space for the woodworking community in Los Angeles.

Laura Zahn founded Allied Woodshop after attending the Fine Furniture program at College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg, CA. When she moved back to LA from small-town Mendocino County, she wanted to join a collective woodshop to gain access to machines and an environment in which she could continue to learn and grow. In other words, she was seeking community. After searching unsuccessfully for such a place, Laura launched Allied Woodshop (formerly Off The Saw) in April 2014.

The shop is located in the wonderfully inspiring Allied Crafts Building. Built in 1925, the 10-story building was part of Florence Casler’s vision to develop Maple Avenue into a new utopian commercial area. The pioneering developer and contractor built the Textile Center Building, the Allied Crafts Building, the Graphic Arts Building, the Garment Capitol Building, the Furniture Exchange Building, the Printing Center, and the Merchant's Exchange Building.

"Why, Los Angeles is to be a big city, and we've got to have space for our industries to grow." - Florence Casler

We share the building with other talented artists and craftsmen, including Base 10 Furniture, Body Binds, Boyce Studio, Clare Bare, Groceries Apparel, Hazan Motorworks, Miss Wax, Walker Savage, and many garment manufacturers.