Allied Woodshop partners with Would Works

We're pleased to partner with Would Works for the 2017 holiday season. Would Works is a social enterprise that puts men and women who are living in poverty in Los Angeles to work sanding and finishing wooden homewares. In exchange for their work, the Would Works Artisans receive credit toward a need they have (e.g. a new pair of eyeglasses, a bus ticket home, or a deposit for an apartment). 

Would Works will be working out of Allied Woodshop's new classroom and community space to gear up for holiday sales. This will provide the Artisans with bench space for their sanding operations, good ventilation, bright natural light, and storage space for their supplies and finished product.

We welcome the Would Works Artisans and look forward to a lasting partnership. How can you help? Consider purchasing a beautiful charcuterie board, cocktail board, or bottle opener for yourself or to gift to others over the holidays.   

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