Donation to LA Foodbank

Donation to LA Foodbank

Great news! Our Holiday Marketplace in December was a great success, and together, we donated $1,000 to the LA Food Bank! The amount was matched dollar-for-dollar during the holiday season and it means 1,600 meals for LA families.
We're incredibly grateful for your contribution to make this possible, and for your continuing support in our woodworking community. 



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Resuming Woodworking Classes in 2021

Resuming Woodworking Classes in 2021
We're excited to announce that our group classes are returning in January 2021 and they are now open for registration. We will be running Intro to Woodworking on Saturdays once a month and if you've already taken this class with us, join us in our eight-week-long Furniture Making I: Tables class which starts on January 24th! Also, be sure to check out our line-up of specialty classes starting with Valentine's Spoon Carving on February 13th. All our Private Classes will continue to be offered for those who prefer a smaller class size or one-on-one instruction. 

As much as we can't wait to have our students and the bustle of group classes back, we'll still put the safety of our students and instructors as a top priority and continue to follow our COVID-19 safety measures. Since the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, if at any point it looks like the situation in Los Angeles is no longer sustainable, we will opt to postpone classes, even if we are not required to do so by the City, County, or State. In case of postponement, you will be eligible for a full refund for your class or to hold your registration with us until we can safely open again.
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Quarantine Woodshop: Japanese Tool Box

Welcome to our final Quarantine Woodshop.

The Quarantine Woodshop introduces alternative woodworking methods and exercises to adapt to Safer-At-Home conditions. We have taken into consideration individuals may no longer have access to a woodshop, limited working space, or limited learning opportunities. For this project, some basic woodworking knowledge is needed.

Today, we are providing you with at-home guide for constructing the Japanese tool box.

simply constructed japanese tool box with box joint lays on tableThe Japanese tool box can be made solely using hand tools. This document gives an overview of those steps. We encourage practice using hand tools first if you are not familiar with them. Machines can be used to expedite the process. Don't worry, we won't judge.

exploded view of japanese tool box construction including how to open and close lid

We hope you found this series useful and interesting during quarantine.

Click here to view or download.

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Allied Woodshop Open To Residents!

We are happy to announce that we've reopened our doors to shop residents. Our residents make up the core of Allied Woodshop's community, so we are glad to see them able to return to work, with some extra protocols and cleaning measures in place.
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Quarantine Woodshop: Gottshall Block

Welcome to the Quarantine Woodshop.

The Quarantine Woodshop introduces alternative woodworking methods and exercises to adapt to Safer-At-Home conditions. We have taken into consideration that individuals may no longer have access to a woodshop, have a limited working space, or limited learning opportunities. You do not need any prior woodworking experience to participate.

Today, we are providing you with a how-to guide on the Gottshall Block.

The Gottshall block was espoused by Franklin Gottshall and popularized by Robert Lang. Whichever way you cut it, this exercise is a testament to hand tool skill and a great project to practice on scrap wood.  The challenge of the Gottshall block is to recreate the given image only using hand tools. You are allowed to use machines for the milling process but for all the other cuts you can only use chisels. The exercise builds on different ways of approaching chisel cuts. Understanding grain direction is vital for getting clean cuts and avoiding tear out.

Click here to view or download.

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Allied Woodshop's Holiday Gift Guide

Here's what's on our list. We guarantee you'll find something for everyone on your list too.

  1. Live Edge Table woodworking workshop at Allied Woodshop
  2. Tite-Mark marking gauge by Glen-Drake Toolworks
  3. Lie-Nielsen No. 102 Low Angle Block Plane
  4. Frog Blocks by Monroe Workshop Toys
  5. White Oak Carabiner Baby Rattle by Knotwork LA
  6. Spalted sycamore from Angel City Lumber
  7. The Everyday Board from Would-Works
  8. A Danielle Rose Byrd wooden bowl
  9. Offerman Woodshop OWS Hatchet Kit
  10. Membership at Community Woodshop LA
  11. Carve: A Simple Guide to Whittling by Melanie Abrantes


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Allied Woodshop partners with Would Works

We're pleased to partner with Would Works for the 2017 holiday season. Would Works is a social enterprise that puts men and women who are living in poverty in Los Angeles to work sanding and finishing wooden homewares. In exchange for their work, the Would Works Artisans receive credit toward a need they have (e.g. a new pair of eyeglasses, a bus ticket home, or a deposit for an apartment). 

Would Works will be working out of Allied Woodshop's new classroom and community space to gear up for holiday sales. This will provide the Artisans with bench space for their sanding operations, good ventilation, bright natural light, and storage space for their supplies and finished product.

We welcome the Would Works Artisans and look forward to a lasting partnership. How can you help? Consider purchasing a beautiful charcuterie board, cocktail board, or bottle opener for yourself or to gift to others over the holidays.   

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Allied Woodshop Receives a CERF+ Get Ready Grant

CERF+ awarded twenty Get Ready Grants to individuals and groups in craft disciplines to implement safety measures, safeguard studios, and protect careers. Allied Woodshop is pleased to have received a $1,500 grant to improve fire safety in our shop. We will use the funding to purchase flammables cabinets, fire-safe trash cans, fire extinguishers, and a ventilation system for our finishing room. We will also create a cheat sheet for the safe disposal of solvents and finishes and a curriculum to educate collective members, instructors, and students about the safe storage and disposal of flammable materials.

We would like to thank CERF+ for the work that they do to make the world a safer place for artists and craftspeople. If you would like to learn more or apply for a Get Ready Grant, click here. The deadline for the next application cycle is November 30, 2018. 

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