Quarantine Woodshop: Japanese Tool Box

Welcome to our final Quarantine Woodshop.

The Quarantine Woodshop introduces alternative woodworking methods and exercises to adapt to Safer-At-Home conditions. We have taken into consideration individuals may no longer have access to a woodshop, limited working space, or limited learning opportunities. For this project, some basic woodworking knowledge is needed.

Today, we are providing you with at-home guide for constructing the Japanese tool box.

simply constructed japanese tool box with box joint lays on tableThe Japanese tool box can be made solely using hand tools. This document gives an overview of those steps. We encourage practice using hand tools first if you are not familiar with them. Machines can be used to expedite the process. Don't worry, we won't judge.

exploded view of japanese tool box construction including how to open and close lid

We hope you found this series useful and interesting during quarantine.

Click here to view or download.

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