Deep Work and Cognitive Craftsmanship

People find their way to the woodshop for various reasons, but increasingly we see individuals who are seeking escape from the busyness of their lives spent in front of computers and tied to phones and social apps. They want to experience the "flow state" that is often associated with mastery over a set of skills, and by definition requires complete attention and focus. While woodworking can offer this respite, it is a state that we should seek in all of our work (and social interactions) and not just in our hobby or craft. 

I recently listened to Cal Newport and Ezra Klein discuss just this idea - of focusing on what matters, regaining "cognitive fitness", and taking control of your time - in an episode of The Ezra Klein Show. Newport calls this "cognitive craftsmanship". Given my line of work, I was struck by the term and the concept and I thought that others who appreciate the work happening at Allied Woodshop might also enjoy a listen. For your consideration, here is Cal Newport on doing Deep Work and escaping social media. 

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