The Beauty of a Simple Business

In an over-stimulating world fueled by technology and seemingly limitless access to information, you might find yourself seeking simplicity. The design world itself tells us that we want products, spaces, and lifestyles that are simple, minimal, and beautiful. When was the last time you opened your Instagram account and saw an airy, white space with a single, beautifully crafted and handmade item? Probably seconds ago.  

I find myself seeking this same simplicity in my work and in my business. I've intentionally nurtured a space for furniture makers that it small and (hopefully) enduring. Sometimes I wonder if I should try to grow my business by pursuing investors, hiring employees, adding more benches and classes, or opening additional locations. But then I remember that I'm happy having a business that I'm intimately connected to. Reading this article, The Beauty of a Simple Business, helped to remind me that keeping my business simple is an intentional choice, one that I'm happy with, and not a lack of ambition on my part.  


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