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Always exploring the content of practical art and the craft media that users interact with, Scooter began working with wood as a continuance of material study. Since first renovating homes in Portland, OR and repurposing old growth lumber to build home goods for his friends and family, Scooter has been captivated by the complex space between trees, their environment and the traditions of wood use. Realizing the limitations of self direction, he decided to get a traditional education in wood’s use, its diverse properties and the appropriate methods of joinery. Attending the two year program at the Krenov School in Fort Bragg, CA, Scooter was able to learn under the direction of five master-craftspeople. After his immersive education Scooter began approaching furniture as a unique intersection between lean, elegant design and the powerful beauty of wood itself. He strives to use furniture as a medium for fine art that solves practical problems. Scooter resides in east Los Angeles where he builds commission furniture and other wood goods and teaches at Allied Woodshop.

Scooter Nelson looks into the sun