Don Parker

Don Parker

(p) He/him

Don spent years designing and building software for filmmakers and digital production studios, winning an Emmy and an Academy Award for the technology he and his team created. In 2019, he began to look for something new, a search that brought him to Allied Woodshop.

Don took multiple classes at Allied and was immediately hooked by the beautiful space, the friendly community, and the deeply satisfying process working with wood. Designing and making objects and furniture with his own hands was a massive revelation that sparked a change in his career. He continued on to complete the 7-week summer program at The Krenov School before joining us as a resident.

He describes himself as a student on the beginning of his woodworking journey, saying, "I have so much to learn, but the community I'm meeting here is incredibly welcoming and generous. I'm learning every day and absolutely loving the process."

His future projects include collaborations with his wife Monica Perez (, an established painter here in Los Angeles.