Nana Gagatsovi

Nana Gagatsovi



(p) she/her

Nana discovered her passion for woodworking at the stage of life when a wrong sleeping position results in a permanent injury. While most people were busy perfecting their craft in their youth, Nana decided to make her mark on the woodworking scene by demonstrating that the joy of learning doesn’t leave when the grey hairs come.

She walked into El Camino wood shop for one class, discovered that steel-toed shoes fit her as a Cinderella slipper, and stayed for good. Now, armed with the audacity to break the rules she hasn’t fully learned, she turns every piece of wood she sees into a cutting board. Who needs a midlife crisis when you can have a workshop filled with sawdust and a collection of half-finished projects?

Nana is on a mission to inspire other women to embrace their own late-blooming passions—no matter how many splinters await along the way. Join her on a sawdust-covered journey of self-discovery, where the only rule is to have fun and never take yourself too seriously.