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We're very happy to start offering open studio classes! These will be supervised, semi-private independent study hours for intermediate and advanced students only. Students must be able to operate any machines they wish to use safely and independently. Please check out the information on this page to answer your questions on how our open studio classes work.

What are open studio sessions like?

The first 30 minutes of the session are for the students to check in with the instructor. You'll briefly go over what project you're working on, the machines and tools you plan to work with, and any questions you have. Each student will have their own large workbench for the duration of the session. The instructor will be available to provide project advice, troubleshoot problems with machines, give tutorials on machines and tools, and lend a hand with tricky glue-ups. They are not there to give in-depth one-on-one lessons. For that, please book our private lessons. The bulk of the session will be for you to work on your independent project! The instructor will let you know when it's nearly time to turn off the machines and put away the tools. The last 20 minutes of each session are reserved for shop cleanup, and no tools or machines may be used during that time.

How many people can sign up for Open Studio classes?

Sessions are limited to a maximum of 3 students. Machines and tools will be shared with the other students in the session. Please be aware that there may be short wait times for machines. This also means that students are unable to dominate one machine for a long period of time without breaks for sharing with the other students.

Who can book your Open Studio classes?

Anyone with sufficient experience to work safely and independently can book our open studio hours. You must be confident on the machines, and assume responsibility for your own safety while minding that of others. 

What if I only want to use hand tools and sanders?

If you don't plan to use any of the machines, you can opt to book time with just the hand tools and sanders. You must have experience with the tools you wish to use, both for your own safety and for the well being of the tool.

What machines and tools do you have available?

Large Machines
Jointer x2, 12" and 6"
Tablesaw, Sawstop PCS, DADO stack and crosscut sleds available
Planer x2, 12"
Bandsaw x2, 1/2" blade and 1/4" blade
Router Table and a small selection of bits
Drill Press
Various Sanders

Hand Tools and Misc
Hand planes
Hand saws
Rasps and files
Carving gouges and hooks
Measuring and marking tools
Personal Protective Equipment
Random orbital sanders
Sanding discs (within reason)
Hand drill/driver
Parallel clamps
Steam box for steam bending, 5' long

Not provided

Can I bring in my own tools?

You may bring in your own hand tools, personal protective equipment, and small power hand tools, such as drills or domino cutters. Please refrain from bringing any power saws.

Do you have space for me to store my project at Allied?

At this time we do not have project storage space for our open studio students. Please let us know if this is something you would like us to add in the future.

How did you determine the price?

Open Studio at Allied is more than shop access. These sessions are designed to be semi-private classes for intermediate and advanced woodworking students who would like to start working more independently. With a maximum of 3 students per session, each student will receive ample individual guidance and personalized tutorials.

Something came up and I can't make it. Can I reschedule?

Please refer to our Refund/Transfer policy for all our classes.

Prohibited activities at open studio classes:
Spray finishing
Epoxy pours
Power carving